Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 9 Post Op Day 8

Today we got some good news, Meladee's junction of her heart is finally working correctly for the last 24 hours.  If it continues to work this way the chances of her having to have a pace maker go down even more, even though we have it scheduled for Friday to have it done just to be safe.  Between tomorrow and Thursday we will find out when she gets to go home.

She also had a chest x-ray this morning and the fluid in her lungs is going down more, they will do another one tomorrow more and we will go from there with that.

As for eating, she is eating more but I am going to find out tomorrow morning exactly how much they want her to eat a day and how often.  That just hasn't been that clear, just was told she ate less yesterday than she did the day before so, we need to work that out.

Also, Grammie got to hold her for the first time today since her surgery so they both were very happy today. 

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