Monday, May 20, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Updated Pictures

Miss Meladee at 21 months.  Three months to go and she will be 2!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Easter, Disney and more and more all the time with Little Miss Meladee

So, Miss Meladee is now walking, well not just walking but trying to run as well. 

She is also 13 months Post-Op from her Open Heart Surgery and at her last appointment in Feb she was given the all clear for six month so we go back to see the cardiologist in August when she turns 2.

We went to Florida in March and Meladee got to meet her family and friends that hadn't met her yet and she had a ball.  We also went to Disney World.  She did really well on the plane so in a week she was in Seattle, Chicago, Orlando and Titusville and in Georgia and South Carolina.  She loved Disney World and got to see her favorites such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and many more.

Easter was a blast, we went to our cousins house and they did an Easter Egg hunt and they used hard boiled eggs and plastic eggs that had jelly beans in them.  She figured out the difference and she would throw the hard boiled eggs. 

Now it is the start of May and the weather is getting nice so it will be time to be outside more often, we know she likes the swings.  She also will be going to a day camp in the summer for a week. 

In three and half months she will be two years old and we are starting to plan the party for that one as well.