Thursday, February 23, 2012

She is 6 months old!

Well, Meladee is six months old and just keeps me going everyday.  She is trying to sit up on her own and wants to stand all the time and thinks it is funny.  She is rolling over when she wants to mainly to get something she wants or if she is in the bathtub.  And she jabbers all the time and starting to laugh but she smiles all the time and this little girl knows she is cute.

She is also starting to notice who is a stranger or who hasn't been around for a while and she will just look at them and stare for a long time before she will say anything to them, it is funny.

She is a little over two weeks from her Open Heart Surgery.  Her pre-op appointment has been changed to the 7th of March, she that will give her four days to recover from that very long day.  She is one tough little girl.

Meladee has also started her Early Headstart program and her teacher is great with her and she loves Ana and plays with her.  It will be fun to see what she will pick up from this.  But what is nice, as long as she stays with this program until she is 3 or 4 she will get into the headstart program without having to be put on a waitlist.  I love it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meladee's day at the zoo

Yesterday Meladee got to go to the zoo with grammy, papa, momma and Jake and she had a blast.  She really took note of the animals that where moving and really like the Sea lions that would swim directly at her and then at the last second they would turn.  Then there was a Walrus that kissed her through the glass and she laughed at it.  She had a good day but was a very tired girl in the end.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Echo and MRI

Today  Meladee had her sedated Echo and MRI, she did really well and came out of it great.  We came home two hours before they figured we would.  The doctor may call me in the next few days to let me know what the plan is for surgery now.  The pictures are of her in her hospital gown, and her just after she work up and her pretty on her hand from where her IV was.