Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 6 Post Op Day 5

So today we had a minor set back.  Meladee is still in CICU, late this morning her heart rate dropped in half. They hoped that she would get back up on her own but it did not happen so they put her back on the pace maker and after that she is back where she needs to be. 

However, she is now off oxygen and the levels are in the mid 90's so that is going good and she should get her central line out in the morning if everything goes as planned.  So, with some luck maybe tomorrow she will be moved to the floor, the have already put her in a floor bed this morning.

So, right now she is sleeping like a good girl and she is also starting to eat more as well.  We will see what the next few days bring for us.  She is a very strong little girl.

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