Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 8 Post Op Day 7

Sorry for no Meladee update last night she was having a rough night and only wanted me all night long. I didn't get her settled until midnight and then I went to bed myself. But the good news is that we are out of CICU and in a regular room. We got moved about 1 this afternoon or a little after. A little before that they took out her central line so she only has her pacer wires and her IV in right hand.

She is still hooked up to the pace maker just for back up. They are still waiting to figure out my her rythm is right with her heart. It is either from some swelling still or another issue, hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday we will know what is going on and we will go from there.

As for going home, we do not know yet. But one step at a time. I will update tomorrow.

Post Op Day 6 Last Day in CICU
Post Op Day 7 Out of CICU

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