Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 10 Post Op Day 9

For the second day in a row Meladee's heart has been beating like it should, so tomorrow they should be taking her off the pace maker but leaving the wires in just in case, if all goes good she will have the wires taken out on Friday.

She still has fluid around her lungs, they are doing another chest x-ray in the morning to see if it has gone back down or not. They did put her back on Lasik IV m...edication instead of having it my mouth. We will see how that all plays out in the morning.

She is eating really good, took in the same amount as she did yesterday and some food with it too. She also has gained weight as well but still al ittle under what she came in at.

So all in all she had a good day. Will update tomorrow with information we get from the doctor in the morning.

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