Sunday, September 16, 2012

It has come to my attention that......

Many people are still asking me why Meladee doesn't crawel, why she doesn't walk already or why this or that.  It seems I need to remind some people that Meladee did have open heart surgery 6 months ago and that she had 6 to 8 weeks where she couldn't be on her stomach and we had to limit her in what she could do.  And because of this she has had to build her trunk muscles back up.  She is now army craweling and trying to sit up on her own and will take steps if we hold her hands.  But Meladee is Meladee and she is doing things that some babies don't do at her again such as being completely off a bottle and not using a binky, and feeding herself and not drinking formula, so all I am asking is to just remember she has a little challange where other babies don't and please don't judge her.

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