Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meladee, Meladee, Meladee

That fits her right about now. 

Grammy has taught Meladee she has a voice and now she uses it, at home, in the car and at the store, she is a lot louder than she use to be.

Not only does she roll where ever she wants to go but she has decided she likes to stand and only wants to us to hold one of her hands, she has figured out to move her feet (when she wants too). 

When it comes to sleeping, she no longer likes sleeping on her back.  She is either on her side or her stomach, cross ways in the bed or at an angle, never know how she is going to be laying.

Tomorrow I am taking her to an ENT doctor to have her ear tag looked at.  She has had it since she was born, we are going to see what they decide to do.  So, hopefully by her first birthday that will be gone and then we work on getting her ears pierced.

So we are less than two months from her being a year old.  Actually we are 45 days until she turns a year old.  Where has the time gone.

I am sure Meladee will be doing a lot more in the next week.  We go back to see Dr. Likes the 3rd of August and see what the plan is then, hopefully she will be off her medication. 

Meladee and I love you all!

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