Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meladee's First Trip on a Plane to Montana

Meladee and I went to Montana to see her Auntie Deb, and cousins Grace, Ashley and Thomas.  She feel in love in with Thomas and thought he was great and would follow him around any time she saw him.  She also meet Aaron and Lil who is Deb's dad and step-mom and also met Carolyn who is her Uncle Scott's mom.

We also went to Missoula to meet my mom's friend Diane from grade school and Meladee really liked her as well.  She smiled and laughed and talked to Diane.

As for the trip on the plane she slept on both flights both ways and no one knew she was there.  She did really well even with the delay in leaving Seattle and the very short layover on Salt Lake City on the way to Montana and when we came home she played on the floor in Salt Lake City until we got back on the plane on the way home.

                                                     Thomas and Meladee
                                                    Lil and Meladee
                                                    Aaron and Meladee
                                                    Meladee and Auntie Deb
Meladee and Carolyn

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